Schwartz & Schwartz

Our success is measured by
the well‐being of our clients...

Who are our clients?

Schwartz & Schwartz represents people from all walks of life, both in their personal and professional capacities. At any given time, our client list typically includes:

  • Elders seeking protection – or redress – from abuse
  • Elders’ concerned family members, looking out for the well-being of their more susceptible relatives
  • Trustees, conservators or other fiduciaries pursuing the rights and interests of elders or their beneficiaries
  • Heirs or trust and estate beneficiaries attempting to ‘undo’ wrongfully procured estate plans
  • Heirs or trust and estate beneficiaries attempting to remove and/or surcharge fiduciaries for their wrongful conduct

Although we regularly are contacted by persons in each of these roles directly, very frequently we also are brought in as associate or litigation counsel by other attorneys less familiar with our highly specialized area of law.

Over the years, we've successfully helped people from virtually every part of the country -- and beyond.